Italian artist Gabriele Pellerone has pioneered a new painting method. He ways the canvas the identical way a tattoo artist ways the entire body. In purchase to be able to generate a “tattooed” painting, Pellerone uses latex, rubber, chalk, and resin as his help. Only just after he has cautiously ready these surfaces does he transfer on to the inking with the assist of a tattoo device and needles. The very initial character of his function, polished method and signature type have garnered him substantial interest in his house region. In 2017, Pellerone became the very first tattoo artist to take part in the Venice Biennale.

Gabriele Pellerone in his studio

It is up to the viewer to decide whether or not Pellerone has elevated the tattoo—this salient marker of outsider culture—to the rank of significant art, or whether or not he has slyly subverted the restrictions of what is usually regarded as significant art. Certainly, by generating a pastiche of Renaissance, Classical, and Pop Culture themes, juxtaposing conventional icons of Classical art and faces of Hollywood stars, historic figures of antiquity and today’s political leaders, the artist troubles us to query the area of art in contemporary tradition.

What does it take to be a tattoo artist and how did you learn that you preferred to make art that references tattooing?

It is all centered on the passion for art, structure, aesthetics, and investigation. I have been tattooing men and women for several years, but I preferred to discover a way to make the tattoo immortal, so I believed about tattooing paintings, in this way a tatauggio can be put on show in a gallery, a museum and the function of a tattoo artist can be seen endlessly over time.

Dad e Son, 2017
Father e Son, 2017 | Latex | 23″ x 16″

What sets your function apart from what you would usually see in a tattoo parlor? In other terms, why tattoo a little something other than the entire body?

The tattoo is commonly accomplished on men and women. This is what restrictions it. When the particular person dies, he also requires his tattoo with him, in this way the function of a tattoo artist can no for a longer period be witnessed. I preferred my function to be witnessed also just after demise, so I chose to tattoo paintings and sculptures. In this way, the stroke of the tattoo artist, like a painter’s stroke, remains endlessly indelible.

Tattoos are a frontier where the personal fulfills the community. They are normally a show of a little something that has incredibly private this means. Is there a story about a tattoo of yours that you would like to share?

I would have several items to notify about my occupation, but this one particular is undoubtedly the most essential for me: I have a blind good friend: he does not see, but he thinks in me and has religion in me, so one particular day he requested me to tattoo my eyes on his again, so I could see for him and shield him endlessly.
A tattoo is also worthwhile for the sensation and passion: men and women who are tattooed are satisfied.

You live in Italy, the region with the most UNESCO world heritage internet sites. What is your romantic relationship to this great heritage? How does this frustrating sense of the past notify your function?

Italy is a great resource of inspiration for me, but American tradition fascinates me, which is why in my works I blend Renaissance and Pop tradition. It is a best match. Lifetime is odd as a child, I loved to attract but I hated the heritage of art, but today I can not do with out it.

How would you explain the romantic relationship in between your artwork and entire body tattoos?

Tattooing a painting, a sculpture or a particular person is the identical factor for me, I use the identical equipment, the identical needles, the identical hues, so I want to show the energy of the tattoo, the tattoo is an art equivalent to painting, with one particular essential variation. A tattoo artist can not make a slip-up.

Gabriele Pellerone and a friend
The artist at the Venice Biennale

What draws in you to the mediums you like, this kind of as latex, plaster, rubber, and many others.? These materials recommend a particular romantic relationship with the entire body. Could you elaborate?

I generate my function beginning with the help. The rubber, the chalk, the resin are generated by me, all these materials are diverse from every other, but a tattoo device works on all these supports. I use rubber due to the fact it resembles human skin. It is soft, has the identical color, and the final result is that of a regular tattoo accomplished on men and women, it’s best. I also enjoy to tattoo resin statues, in this form of materials I can also use hues and actually get into the approach, it’s a incredibly particular factor, initial and exceptional.
I’m satisfied to be the very first artist in the world to have brought the tattooed pics into art galleries and museums.

How do you proceed about making a piece like “Hand Snake” or “Donna e Psiche 1”?

I put together a draft on the canvas, just after which I take the device, the needles, and the tattoo. It keep, indelible on the canvas, it is a amazing one particular. I normally start off with an concept but I stop up carrying out more. “Donna and Psyche” are my very first tattooed pics, symbolizing the passage of the tattoo from the particular person to the art gallery. I have been exhibited in the Venice Biennale. It was the very first time in the world that a tattooed function was exhibited there, I am the very first artist to have accomplished this kind of a factor. I could be a promoter of a new artistic motion that is emerging now. This is an benefit for me. These works are simply recognizable, no other artist now tattoos paintings, so this is large news in the art world. I chose that the very first gallery to exhibit this unconventional artwork experienced to be Agora.

How significantly time do you expend on your parts? For instance, how long did you function on “Donna e Psiche”? Could you chat about how it originated? It appears to reference strongly vintage pop-tradition and structure. Did you have precise resources in brain? How and why did you select them?

All through the day I tattoo men and women, I expend the evening painting. Am I crazy? No, I have a aspiration. I invested 3 months performing 3 hrs a evening to make the “Donna and Psiche” collection. I’m satisfied that when I generate a little something I do not experience the time flowing by.

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“Woman and Psyche” represent my very first interpretation of this new artistic motion. This collection contained the very first tattooed pics put on show at the Venice Biennale.
I enjoy the woman figure, elegance, aesthetics, so I preferred to dedicate these works to females, for me to be sacred, pop tradition has made it feasible to customise and make a woman’s face exceptional in a new and initial way, I have devoted diverse works to females, but these are my favorites and will have a historic benefit.

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