Born in The Hague, Netherlands, Marion Kunstenaar grew up surrounded by the really like of art and new music. Her enthusiasm, interests, and job as an artist and humanitarian simply cannot be boxed into just one group. Though in her inventive system she explored the versatility of watercolor and, later on acrylics and shifted in direction of abstraction, Marion spread her vitality where ever she activated. Given that conference the renowned painter Derek Stein, she became his student and mate and under no circumstances stopped painting. In memory of her late partner Elie, who passed away in 1999, Marion established an corporation to feed malnourished Jewish and Arab small children in and all over Jerusalem, termed YAD ELIE. The income of sold paintings goes to this corporation. To this day, new music stays her great really like, playing the piano, collaborating in a excellent choir, doing live shows all over the region, mostly she feels incredibly blessed with her three daughters and her three grandchildren.
To learn much more about her interesting tale as an artist and humanitarian, we a short while ago sat
with Marion for an job interview.

You and your loved ones survived the Second Entire world War and but, you were deeply uncovered to art in these tough occasions how did this influence your inventive persona?

Of course, surviving Entire world War 2 and becoming uncovered to art are two unique tales, although not always generally contradictory. My mother experienced the most attractive voice, she cherished opera and operetta and I adored it when she sang distinctive tunes for me! My father experienced an antique Persian carpets enterprise. I grew up concerning the piles of people attractive parts of art, all handcrafted, all works of art in their very own way. Right after becoming evacuated to Amsterdam in the 3rd yr of Entire world War 2, I found out, at a friend’s property, this impressive instrument, a real Grand Piano! I fell in really like promptly and it became the really like of my lifetime! I understood that is what I wished and so my father took me to new music university for my to start with piano classes. Sadly, it didn’t final extended than a thirty day period or so, as we experienced to flee to a safer location. Of course, that was the stop of my introduction to art, or alternatively the probability of loving art. The rest was about surviving. Right after the war experienced finished, as shortly as it was attainable, my father bought an old piano and found me a teacher. Gradually again to usual lifetime, art became an intrinsic component of my lifetime. Attending the live shows of Leonard Bernstein, Isaac Stern, Stefan Askenase and a lot of others, discovering musea, traveling to Paris to see the Louvre, to go to l’Opera de Paris (La Traviata!) and for ballet exhibits to see Serge Lifar, later on Margot Fonteyn, Rudolf Nureyev, and others. In brief, it was a lifetime centered all over art and elegance! Perhaps an solution to the earlier a long time of anxiousness and reduction.
I could under no circumstances thank my dad and mom plenty of for owning me fed with art and elegance!

You have dedicated a great amount of money of your life’s objective to humanitarian get the job done and the community would you say that the lifetime ordeals you have experienced resulted in these a path?

I suppose that goes without the need of expressing. A human becoming is fashioned by a lot of unique elements and the ordeals, happy or traumatic, shape that human being. Additionally, I have been deeply involved in researching and training Jewish tradition in its a lot of unique elements and it has definitely influenced and motivated me!

Is there a satisfying and gratifying experience you have experienced as a humanitarian, that stands out in your heart?

There are so a lot of tales and ordeals! I keep in mind the youngsters planning vegetables in the university kitchen area, following harvesting what they planted themselves in their university backyard, these proud faces! A minor boy, following ingesting for the to start with time a good food with each other with his friends, jogging into university the next day, radiant and inquiring “When do we take in.?”.

Has your humanitarian get the job done affected your art in any way?

Difficult to say! I am with all my heart and soul in whatever I do. And my enthusiasm to transmit really like and pleasure to people all over me, ​hopefully, resounds in my paintings! Perhaps that is for others to see?


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Has your inventive method and model changed above time? If so, why?

Sure, it has changed rather a lot! From watercolor, minor flower paintings, all kinds of continue to life, let’s say sweet and light stuff to abstract works, significantly larger sturdy, vivid, from time to time ‘wild’ paintings, all in acrylic. Finding the alternatives of this materials, discovering my very own alternatives, the flexibility, becoming liberated from the ‘should’ and the ‘must’, discovering the braveness to bounce, to explore the unfamiliar, letting the colors, the brush strokes to discover their very own way, just to materialize. My way of becoming in lookup of my very own language!

You have established an corporation in your late husband’s memory to feed mal-nourished Jewish and Arab small children what influenced you to make these a decision?

Getting confronted with the problem of malnutrition, I felt some thing must be carried out. I spoke with some close friends and we started off the corporation without the need of any prolonged deliberations or questioning, just with the braveness to bounce! Beginning with just one check for just one boy or girl, we have succeeded to present much above a million meals! Of course, my experience of the Dutch starvation winter season of ‘44/’45 in Entire world War 2, lays at the foundation of this get the job done. And recognizing that even in our time so a lot of small children are suffering and even dying from starvation, it drives me mad!

Did you have to defeat any road blocks even though subsequent your path as an artist?

Luckily, no. As an artist, I only was consistently confronted with the absence of time and a good studio, but I’m persuaded that the place there’s a enthusiasm, there’s a option!

Did you at any time think about starting to be a whole-time artist? If so, what stopped you from it?

“Full-time artist” seems like a title or a doctorate. I under no circumstances experienced plenty of time, and I definitely under no circumstances considered of my painting or my art in these a way! But from the scribbling in my university books until finally the current days, I’m painting whenever and where ever, as significantly as I can. And by the way, my age does not really permit me think about the idea of “becoming”.

Are you influenced/motivated by any unique artwork tendencies?

I am influenced by so a lot of artists, alternatively than by tendencies! A German painter, Marlis Glaser influenced me to switch to abstraction. I also really like and am amazed with the works of the Russian-Israeli Lea Nikel and the German-Israeli Steffa Weis, but becoming Dutch, I’ve generally experienced a deep admiration for Vermeer – my to start with check out to New York is to the Frick Assortment ‘to be with’ Vermeer! – Rembrandt, Van Gogh, and so a lot of much more. Right after all, people are in my genes!

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What does your art goal to say? Are there any socio-political messages conveyed? What do you want to talk?

If I would want to talk some thing at all, probably just, nevertheless ‘soft’ it may perhaps seem, is for persons to be themselves, genuine, reliable. Uncover your very own alternatives, acknowledge them, learn to develop and to really like them. Sadly there is so significantly pain and suffering in our tormented planet, but even so, be conscious of all the elegance in and all over you, really like it, spread it, it is all we can do! Just really do not be afraid to Leap and to really like lifetime!

Marion Kunstenaar’s works will be on see at Agora Gallery from November 2 by November 22 for Constellations in Colour and Form team exhibition

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